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Prenatal Care with Fairfax Home Birth


Getting your prenatal care with us means developing a relationship.  At each visit you and your midwife get to know one another more, rather than starting from scratch.  Prenatal care is about more than making sure you "stay healthy".  It is about making sure you are ready to make informed decision about your care, to have an empowered birth, and to become this baby's mother.  The undertaking is huge--approach it with purpose! Some visits are conducted as "Community Care Visits" where clients due in the same month come together for education and support.  These groups of brought about friendships that last years.

hearing baby's heartbeat for the first time

Initial Visit


Your first visit is usually around 11-12 weeks gestation, because at this time we can hear the baby’s heartbeat with a doppler.  You should schedule an earlier visit if you are having concerning symptoms, are unsure of your due date, or desire genetic screening.


This first visit includes:
  • a chance to get to know one another

  • review of your medical and birth history

  • review of prior records if transferring care from another provider

  • consideration of you as a candidate for home birth

  • a complete physical examination

  • bloodwork and a pap smear if you are due for one

  • referral for ultrasound if needed (to clarify due date or if genetic screening is desired)

  • introduction to the practice

  • discussion of diet and exercise in pregnancy

  • opportunity to ask questions


Visits in the second trimester


You will then have visits every 4-6 weeks at approximately 16, 20 and 24 weeks.  These visits will include:

  • weight and blood pressure checks

  • measuring “fundal height” to check baby’s growth

  • listening to your baby’s heartbeat

  • referral for anatomy scan ultrasound

  • ongoing evaluation of your health and wellbeing

  • opportunity to ask questions


Visits in the third trimester


28 weeks marks the beginning of the third trimester.  In addition to the regular prenatal visit activities, the 28 week visit will include:

  • screening for gestational diabetes

  • Rhogam administration, if you have a blood type that is Rh negative


You will then have visits every 2-3 weeks at approximately 33 and 36 weeks.  In addition to our regular prenatal visit activities, these visits will include:

  • identification of the baby’s position

  • more discussion of your specific plans and desires for the birth

  • working through your to-do list for birth and baby preparation

  • teaching fetal movement counts to evaluate the baby’s well being

  • blood work (CBC) and GBS screening at 36 weeks


At 37 weeks you are considered full term if your birth starts spontaneously.  However, it is much more common for labor to start between 40 and 42 weeks gestation.  For this last part of pregnancy we will have prenatal visits every 7-10 days.  One of these visits will be a home visit and birth supply check.



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