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Applying to our Affiliate Network

Our Mission: The Fairfax Home Birth Affiliate Network strives to support or restore the physiology of women’s bodies--pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum recovery, lactation, breastfeeding, ovulation, fertility, menopause, and mental health--through care of their bodies, minds, children, families, and marriages.

If you have a service that you believe complements our mission (see above), we invite you to apply to join our Affiliate Network.  This link will bring you to a google doc.  Choose 'make a copy' to fill out your own blank form which you can email to us.  Thanks!

Making connections!

Throughout their care, we often refer clients to other practitioners who address other facets of their wellbeing.  Offering several of these services in one location increases ease of access and awareness of other modalities that can promote health.  See who is currently in our affiliate network.

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